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Next step to improve Sidney streets: snow removal

In an effort to extend the life of city streets, Sidney leaders will be looking at possibly changing the procedure of how snow is removed.

City Manager Ed Sadler explained that most towns have grass up against the street followed by a sidewalk, then the rest of the lawn. However many Sidney streets have the sidewalk against the street and no patch of grass where the snow would normally be piled when plowed. Because the snow can’t be piled on the sidewalk, it is put over the drainage ditch on each side of the street. The constant freezing and thawing damages the road and creates potholes.

There are a few solutions to the problem, one option is to put a threshold on how much snow must be on the street before it can be plowed. Another option is to plow one lane in the middle and if two vehicles need to cross paths, one will have to pull off the plowed lane. An additional consideration is to no longer immediately haul away snow from non residential streets, and focus more on the residential roads.

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